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The Authentic Barnsley Chop

Whilst many restaurants have often claimed they serve the genuine lamb chop, few keep to the actual cut of the meat which was introduced over 8 decades ago. The art of cooking the meat is a slow and loving process which few have the patience for and instead introduce second rate imitations onto their menus.  

This fantastic meat is part of our heritage in Barnsley and it is only right that we keep it in its original form, and give people a real Barnsley treat.

The Barnsley chop’s creation is accredited to Barnsley Master Butcher, Albert Hirst. He wanted to create a special dish to be served to H.R.H. Edward, Prince of Wales, when he came to officially open Barnsley Town Hall on the 14th December, 1933.

This presentation of a 1lb and 60z Barnsley chop to Edward, Prince of Wales, was the introduction of a true delicacy into Yorkshire culture, a feast which even HRH couldn’t finish.

So just clear all this up, we serve the authentic version which is prepared as a very thick chop cut just over the kidney and on one side only and then cooked extremely slowly.  As it is such a lengthy process we request that you order your Barnsley chop a few days in advance of dining to avoid disappointment.

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